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Common Questions on Talent Assessments

Common Queries and Questions

1. Can’t people fake a personality tests?
Yes, it’s possible that a person could “fake” a personality test. However, most personality tests have scales that measure social desirability, or tendency of individuals to play up their strengths and downplay their weaknesses that can help in the interpretation of the report. However, “faking” behavior is not always a major concern (for example, when hiring for a sales position).
2. Some people are just bad test takers. What can you really find out about a person from a test?
The tests that we use help predict how well a person will perform in a particular job. Each of these tests have significant research to support it: meaning, the test has been evaluated for reliability and predictability. Many people experience some nervousness when taking cognitive and personality tests, and it is not likely to impact the results of the tests in most cases.
3. Why don’t I just interview the person instead of investing in an assessment?
Psychological research indicates that the information gathered from an interview is different from the information gathered from a psychological test. Using a combination of both assessments and interviews allows you to get a more complete picture of the candidate, which ultimately allows you to make a better hiring decision.
4. How much of an investment is it to assess candidates?
The cost of using a talent assessment pales in comparison with the cost of hiring the wrong person. Pricing for assessments varies, and can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. Pricing differences generally reflect the complexity of the role, and therefore how thorough the assessment needs to be.
5. I need someone hired yesterday. How long does the process take?
We understand the urgency that often comes with making hiring decisions. We work quickly with hiring managers and candidates to keep the hiring process moving forward, and provide next-business-day turnaround on reports after candidates complete all testing and interviewing, in most cases.
6. How do I talk to my general counsel about this?
We use only high quality tests that are validated to reduce or eliminate adverse impact. In addition, each assessment is based off of the critical competencies for the job, clearly spelling out the job-relatedness of the factors on which we’re assessing candidates.
7. I’m worried how my candidates will feel. I don’t have a lot of candidates and I don’t want to lose some good ones because they are turned off from the process.
We are dedicated to a positive, respectful candidate experience. In our experience, many candidates find it appealing when employers have a rigorous vetting process: it’s a sign that a company invests in its people. However, we know that candidates may not have previously experienced something like this in the hiring process, or they have negative associations with taking tests. Each candidate receives a how-to guide explaining and de-mystifying the process, and opportunities to ask questions and get clarification throughout the process. Our goal is for each candidate to have a positive experience interviewing for your company, whether the individual is ultimately hired or not.
8. What if I’m already working with a recruiter?
Talent assessments are a great complement to working with a recruiter. Many clients find it makes sense to assess their finalist candidates to make the most of their investment of working with a recruiter.
9. What do I need to get started?
Many clients reach out to us once they have identified their finalist candidates. However, others contact us as soon as they have a position to fill, before they have identified any candidates. Many find that the position intake call is helpful in getting clarification and alignment within an organization as to what the most critical components of the role are.

Tower and Company

Tower and Company collaborates with you and your team to get people aligned with business objectives.

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